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2009 11 26

Congratulations Warden you have been promoted to Head admin, i am sorry but i am letting warden lead the forum. I do not have as much time to put into the forum and it seems like warden will. So everyone please give warden a warm welcome and good luck.
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 451
2009 11 19

Global News & Announcements Empty 


Hi guys, I'd like to say hello, and that I am back.
I recently got the swine flu for about 3 weeks, im all better now.
After that, I found a game addon for diablo 2, called d2pk3, and that got to much attention from me, but I got a virus on my comp, so its to slow for those, so now I am only on the internet.

(Welcome to the team new staff members)
by Warden -  Comments: 1 -  Views: 381
2009 11 15

Well we still do need staff everyone!!!!!!! so if you can be active and help promote please apply!!!

then, also just even if you can't be active please just promote, we need to promote! even just putting a downsized version of the BSP banner or a link to BSP in your comment would help!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 435
2009 11 04

I have just added a very extensive GFX section please use it!!! i think it will be very fun to see the battles!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 806
2009 11 04

new home page coming soon as soon as i finish coding it...

also when we hit 50 members we get a new skin so please help us get 50 members!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 415
2009 11 03

New service has been added!!!

Banner Adds!

right now you can see a BSP banner but if someone requests it! it will change! for ow this is completely free...
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 293
2009 10 29

A new banner has been added made by a user of zambo advertising! please if you are a member view the graphic request section and the banner request by klutch2013 and thank the maker!!!!!!!!

please tell me what you think
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 447
2009 10 25

I have added new ranks, they are being implemented as we speak, thanks to LH Justin form Zambo Advertising for making them for us, if your a member of the forum please view the topic in the graphics request and thank him. That is all for now, more updates to come including a monthly newsletter, and, a interactive homepage.
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 403
2009 10 24

Chat box added!!!

The chat box is located at the bottom of the forum, you need to click the login button on the chat box to be able to talk.
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 392
2009 10 24

I have added a few minor mods, and then added the Search page and the gallery page!!! now in the gallery page you can show off all your graphics work!!! and use it as a drop box so you don't lose any of your work!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 355
2009 10 24

a few minor updates are being implemented,

Multi-Quote Added
Currently allowing HTML Embedding into posts
Quick Reply Added
Allow Users to Edit the names of their topics
Allow Colored Topic Names
Welcome PM Message enabled
changed the sticky name to "Pin"
Announcements Scroll bar added
Rules Posted
Report Post added
Additional Rules Added:
===============Board Space Forum Rules and Agreement===============--Agreement & Rights & rules:-Board Space Admin / Founders (klutch2013 & imastarfish) reserve the right...
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 699
2009 10 14

by klutch2013 -  Comments: 4 -  Views: 299
2009 10 13

Link Jumble!!!!

Link jumble has been added! read more in the link jumble forum!


by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 279
2009 10 13

Another totally original idea coming to BSP is "Blog Hosting!"

(If this isn't original tell me please!)

There is a section on the forum where a user can request a blog. The blog will last for 1 month. and for the time being it is free! In this the user can post what ever they want!!!! Nothing will be counted as spam as long as it follows BSP and Forumotion rules.
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 3 -  Views: 393
2009 10 13

The points system has been added! Services may start to cost things so please read carefully!!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 3 -  Views: 273
2009 10 13

A new Service has been released!!!!

The new service is HTML Page hosting!!!! This unique service is if you want to design your own HTML small 2 or 3 page website. this is explained more in the topic about it! this is free so take advantage of it!!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 2 -  Views: 273
2009 10 12

We will be having 2 new services, more ranks, and more things to do coming within the nest week!!! Stay tuned for updates!!!
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 381
2009 10 04

Bug Fixed!!!

I have fixed the bug with signatures not showing up, if you have a signature added to your profile before i fixed this bug then if you would like to you need to go back and edit your post and add your signature to under "options" at the bottom of editing a reply,otherwise from now on your signatures will show.
by klutch2013 -  Comments: 0 -  Views: 236
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