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 Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space"

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Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space" Vide
2009 10 11
PostZambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space"

Layout [10 of 20]
is based on the overall composition of your forum. It's rating the flow
and organization of categories and forums. We check if everything is
organized in an understandable order of if the creator just stuck
things everywhere. Preferred organization is most important
forums/categories at the top and least important or least active forums
on the bottom.

Visuals [12 of 20]
This is based on how
complex, outstanding or professional your forum looks. The color and
image flow of the skin will be rated and as will the macros. Forums
that use the default skins will instantly receive 0
in this section. Default macros will decrease the rating dramatically.

Activity [3 of 20]
is a minor feature but it can tell a lot about a forum. It can tell if
it is new and will have potential or if it may be seeing the end of
it's days.

Uniqueness [19 of 20]
This is based on how
original your forum is. If the organization, descriptions and rules are
unique and uncommon but professional, the score will be great. But if
you've based your site off of another, your rating will be very low or
even 0.

Others [18 of 20]
This is not extra credit.
is based on other subjects that don't really have specific categories.
It's a long list of things. Rules, attitude, effective [does what it's
for. Not always off topic], custom help files, and how fun the forums
are. No body likes a forum ran by a dude with a stick up his...well.
You know where this is going.

Total Marks:: 62/100

•5 Star Rating = 90-100
•4 Star Rating = 70-89
•3 Star Rating = 50-69
•Anything under 49 doesn't pass.
Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space" Grimreapersig
Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space" V3m1hw
Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space" 29xzwiw
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Zambo Advertising Reviews "Board Space"

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